The work of the mission team, with the guidance of God, has focused on serving the communities of Villa Real, Santa Rosa, LLanito, &
27 de Abril.. Costa Rica in Central America.



We have conducted annual and semi-annual mission trips to this location for 20 years, providing many benefits to the local people including ...........



1.  Painted three schools
2.  Food, Clothing, shoes and other essentials given away
3.  Employed three Bible workers, two still current
4.  Over 200 people have had Bible studies
5.  Over 25 people have been baptized
6.   Over 600 pieces of literature have been distributed
7.   Created business loans for startup family businesses
8.   Over 300 children have attended our VBS programs
9.   Financial assistance to families for expenses
      such as school supplies, uniforms, utilities.
10.  Paid for the installation of two septic systems
11.  Built a new home, refurbished some others including  
        electrical wiring, breaker panel, new kitchens and
        bath rooms.
12.  Established a sewing co-operative where ladies make
        items to sell for income.
13.   Yearly sewing & crochet classes for the community.
14.   Assisted a local fisherman in getting a new boat
        motor so he can continue to offer fishing tours and
        provide for his family.
15.  Over 200 people from the community have received
        free dental services.
16.  Many people received free medical services.




**** Scheduled Mission Trips :  ****

Tamarindo/Villa Real - Every last two weeks in June


On going Projects....
-Sewing co-op and sewing lessons *** -Home Improvements

-Vacation Bible School *** -Community assistance to the needy & more.....

Pictures from Past Trips:

Costa Rica - June 2016

Dominican Republic - November 2016

Costa Rica - January 2017

Costa Rica - June 2017

Costa Rica - January 2018

Costa Rica - June 2018

Costa Rica - June 2019
Costa Rica - June 2020

Costa Rica - June 2021

Costa Rica - November 2021

Costa Rica - June 2022
Costa Rica - June 14-28, 2023